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Welcome to my website, Home Harmony and Staging.com. For most of my adult life I have enjoyed putting my creative talents to work. Most noteworthy was my involvement as an owner/operator of the Casa Marina in Jacksonville Beach. My husband Greg and I purchased the property in 1974.

From it's glory days during the Roaring 20's it had fallen into a dilapidated state by the early 1970's and needed major restoration. We made many improvements to the property, including building an addition on the north wing of the building's roof, which became known as the
Penthouse. This is where our family, including my daughters Kim, Renae and my son Sean resided for many years.

We opened up large areas of the ground floor and operated the
Tea Room, a popular local restaurant. My daughter Renae also had a vintage clothing store named Deja Vu just off the north entrance to the building. Later came Harlowe's, a chic Country French restaurant. And then there was the Casablanca Cafe and Cabaret Bar. Every room in the building received major remodeling and restoration. It took many years of work to bring it out of it's state of disrepair, and while we are no longer owners of the property it has remained a source of pride for us.

I love a challenge, and even though your project may not have the dimension of scale of that of the
Casa Marina, I will do my utmost to serve your needs and bring a truly refreshing approach in restoring your living space and making it place of peace and pride. I hope to hear from you and look forward to discussing your needs and making your dream come true.

If there are any questions you might have I would love the opportunity to answer them
here or drop me an email.

- Barbara
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